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  • Or you could be less of a bitch and put a towel under your own door, instead of leaving passive aggressive notes.

  • Purple Knob, I get the feeling you’re a pot smoker.
    I love how defensive and rude 420ers get about their habit when anyone complains.
    Unnecessary combativeness is a sign of chronic use, you know.
    How curious.
    I think the note is hilariously awesome. Better than knocking on the door and getting in a shouting match, or crying to the super.

  • Hil-fuckin-arious. I happen to be a chronic toker, and am in fact high at this very moment. Some people just don’t like the smell, and this was a very clever/funny/i would go so far as to say friendly way to get that message across. Kudos! 😀

  • How is this a passive aggressive note? Being passive aggressive would be saying something like \wow, it should would be nice to not smell your pot smoke.\ Or something similar. This is simply asking them to put a towel under the door.

  • purpleknob…. what a winner. i smoke green too, and this note would be welcomed before a policemen knocking on the door any day.

  • Its not passive aggressive but youre quite right i would much rather a neighbour said that than fone the police or get stressed etc…. there are better ways to solve the problem a towel under the door is a perfect solution

  • This note isn’t passive-aggressive in the least bit…and yeah, buddy guy is right: these people could just as easily have called the cops, especially considering the harm the smoke could be doing to their unborn child.

  • I would say this is a rather nice suggestion. The people smoking the pot should be responsible for making sure their smoke doesn’t go into the neighbors living room. Weed smoke smells like musty ass sweat. I wouldn’t want to smell it either. By saying these people should put the towel under their door, you are asking someone else to take responsibility for you actions. So true of a drug addict.

  • Okay, first off, I would like to say that Marijuana is not a drug, drugs are man made not grown naturally, second, second hand smoke is not real, it has been proven that there is no such thing, so that arguement is old and dead. Now, Marijuana has never been linked to any diseases out there at all, infact it has been proven to have no link with any of them, and yes that include cancer, infact, it helps halt cancers growth, and can even help reduce it. But wait, Oh my god, wait, everyone knows Marijuana causes cancer! Wrong, that was yet another unproven scare tactic used to do, what else, put people in fear of something so they would vote the way politicians wanted. That all being said, Yes, I am a pot smoker, but I also believe that these people could have been more respectful of thier neighbors as well, so I am not condoning the people who say the neighbors should have put the towel under thier door instead of complaining, because when someone does something rude to me, I say something as well, it is one of the rights we have as humans, my only purpose here was to drop a little knowledge on people that were not in the know, and if you doubt anything I said, look it up, because I promise it is 100% true

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