Only a few hours left to score all this cheap Amazon Prime Day stuff

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Amazon Prime Day is upon us, so you should refill your beauty pantry with stuff you may/may not even need.

To keep things simple, we’ve compiled a list of the stuff you actually need, sort of want, and definitely don’t need but will enjoy from the current Amazon Prime Day bonanza. Just about everything is mega-league discounted, and all of it ships free and fast to your door if you’re an Amazon Prime member. Why is this so great? Well, aside from the additional benefit of saving gas money, you’re not wasting half your day at some big box retailer where you go in with a list of 4 things and come out with 100 pairs of gym shorts you never knew you needed.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Aquaphor is super cheap right now, like under $8 cheap, so you should definitely stock up if you’re a dry-skin-in-the-winter person, a parent, or addicted to slathering your heels regularly. Use it for all these ointment beauty hacks.

Wunder2 Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel Perfect Eyebrows in 2 Mins is now about $15. That’s way cheaper than the normal $22, and it lasts through the heat and sweat of summer flawlessly. One tube lasts a while, so you’ll enjoy it well into September most likely. We think it’s worth buying a couple of these if bold brows are your go-to beauty move.


Virgin Organic Argan Oil for Hair & Face – 4 fl. oz. Cold-Pressed 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil is now $11.96. For pure argan oil, that’s ridiculously cheap, and a crazy good deal because argan oil is likely the main active ingredient in all those frizz tamers and light oil skin moisturizers you love so deeply. The thing is, product companies can’t turn a profit by giving you the pure stuff, so they often water it down and then charge you way more (ugh). Buy a few bottles of the pure stuff and live your best frizz-free life this summer. Voila. (This one is a timed lightning deal, so if the deal has expired by the time you click through, try this close equivalent instead)


Makeup Brushes by HanZá, the 10 PIECE Professional Oval Makeup Brush Set is under $15 now and it’s the same look, feel, and application as the more expensive brushes you see all over every beauty vlogger’s feed. These are cheap and cheerful and will get the job done, but if you lose one or mistakenly drop it in the toilet while you’re knee-deep in concealer, no worries. You won’t cry over losing a cheap brush. Give yourself the most glam rose gold makeup of all time on the cheap, will ya?

This set of 8 Lipsmackers is about $6, proving that nostalgia is the most magical place to live. Aside from just being a trip down delish memory lane, lipbalm is a calorie-free answer to soda cravings and under $1 a pop (see what I did there?) is everything. Buy a few packs to pass ’em out to friends born before 1990.


For the dude in your life, this 4 pack of Dove 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner is about $12, meaning your shower will be loaded with stuff he likes through the end of 2017, and your expensive shampoo stash will be safe from his grip. This is a beauty pantry staple you should stock up on if you’re in a relationship with a human male.

dove men 2 in 1 four pack

Stock up on these Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen, Broad Spectrum SPF 70, 5 Oz. packs of 3. For about $17 you get 3 full size containers that are normally around $10-12 each at drugstores, are seriously the lightest spray sunscreens on the market, and wear like a dream. Do not burn yourself this summer. Load up on these and stay young looking. You’re going to be the hottest Casper lookalike in town, promise.


You don’t NEED bath bombs, but life is better with them. LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set features 12 American-made bath fizzies for under $20, which is about a bajillion times cheaper than you’ll find anywhere else. Plus, they come in a cute gift set and make a nice housewarming gift or little something for a particularly helpful coworker.


If you’re into scalp health and growing long, healthy hair — same here, and biotin is a perennial fave supplement for hair health. Amazon’s selling it super cheap right now, and these capsules are vegetarian-friendly, which is good for everyone.

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